Air raid warnings are being rolled out by Google

The war in Ukraine is still going on, and Google is rolling out an Android feature that it hopes will assist people living in the country to remain safe. Ukraine’s government requested that Google install an air raid warning system on Android phones, and the company worked with the government to accomplish this. As a complement to the existing air strike alerts, Google says the feature is based on the government’s information to residents of the affected area.

Air raid warnings are being rolled out by Google

According to the most recent update to a blog post, Google has announced that it has suspended the majority of its commercial activities in Russia, which details the steps it is taking to assist Ukraine. Advertising for all entities based in Russia, Google Cloud signups, payments on most services, and YouTube monetization features for Russian viewers are among the features enabled. For the time being, free internet services such as YouTube, Gmail, and Google Search are still available in Russia.

As of today, hotel owners in Ukraine’s neighboring countries will be able to indicate on their business profiles whether they provide discounted or free accommodations to refugees. Businesses can post information about services and aid they are providing to Ukrainian refugees on the business profile on Google Search and their website.

A Google campus in Warsaw has also been made available to non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that provide legal and psychological assistance to refugees. It had previously announced similar support for non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Slovakia, Romania, and Hungary and a $10 million pledge to local organizations in Poland that are assisting refugee populations.

Between those two events, Google’s Threat Analysis Group discovered activity from the hacking groups FancyBear and Ghostwriter, which are believed to have ties to both Russia and Belarus, respectively. The team released details about the threats earlier this week to raise awareness among those in the security community and those who may be at risk of being targeted by cybercriminals.

Additionally, the company claims that it has complied with an EU directive that requires the removal of Russian state-funded media websites from search results in the affected region. According to the company, it’s also removing more Russian media apps from Google Play.