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It is a documentary piece in which thoughts and recommendations are presented reliably and conclusively. Our literary manifesto and network-based high-quality craft service are now ready to effect through this channel.

For as long as our company has existed, we have had one goal in mind: to provide our members with a unique cultural experience and to be outspoken supporters of our planet.

Do you prefer crochet books? Is this particularly true for females? What do you call: science fiction or philosophy? Classics? Erotic? What are epistolary books? Romantic or gothic? What about the police? Was this based on actual events or on the author’s own life? Picaresque? Is this for kids? What age group are we talking about? I can only think of… Actually. I can only think of… Only we can change to meet your needs. We have thousands of books to choose from, and our literary selectors work around the clock to help you find the perfect read.

Spanish Book club

Our Literary Test was the first of its kind in the world of subscribing, as even the most seasoned libreanders know. In 2017, it was built with 17 various questions, some of which are more relevant to today’s job market. The answers you provide to such questions as “who is your favorite author?” and “do you like or detest pineapple on pizza?” allow us to better understand your interests and preferences as a reader.
Everyone who takes the time to share their thoughts and feelings personally is much appreciated by us. It’s helpful to know which books to recommend.

Most of the books we work with at Libreando are surprising secondhand finds (hence our discounted prices). Then then, we’ll get a new one from time to time. The 90/10 rule can be used. In other words, we are an excellent choice for those who enjoy reading books that have a tale that extends beyond their plot, such as those that have been signed or that have instructions, requests, professions of love, etc., attached to them. Plan your trip to include transportation for your belongings. Isn’t it fascinating to discover who owned them before you? If they return to more readers with a copy of your article, we can only hope that they will pass it on.

It’s also vital to keep in mind that we rarely endorse a new publication because of the obvious reasons: cost and availability. Libre and is your best friend if you’re a savvy reader who keeps up with publishing trends and news when it comes to rare and out-of-print books.

Several environmental issues will also be addressed in this section. We offer fresh air to disrupt the old order and propose far more preferable and maybe superior alternatives, as you are well aware, the corporate world moves. Dinosaurs are left behind, and young people enter.
At LC, we show our love for our world in every small activity. We all engage in a variety of actions that impact the environment, whether we realize it or not. When we drive to work, turn on the computer, or simply write an email, for example, we’re putting ourselves at risk. The good news is that there are a variety of strategies to reduce one’s carbon footprint. For this, we use secondhand books, trees, and packaging that is 100 percent recyclable or recycled.

The Department for the Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge offers calculators on its website, and it turns out that Libreando Club offsets its emissions by nearly 10,000% each year. We usually make bills around this concept. This is partly attributable to our growing consciousness about responsible consumption and the thousands of trees we plant each year that help offset enormous volumes of CO2. In 2020, we produced more than 1,500 trees, and by 2021, we had made more than 2,500 trees in regions of catastrophic deforestation due to our members’ generosity.

Finally, it is our responsibility to make a strong statement supporting small enterprises, particularly those in Spain. Take a deep breath and apply some common sense. We are being devoured by international corporations, but few of us know it. We’re crossing our fingers that we’ll learn the answer to this question before it’s too late. To summarize, we don’t promote joining the club, but we do advocate for you to become a more responsible and knowledgeable consumer.

Visiting your local bookshop and conversing with a trustworthy book dealer to receive book recommendations is one of the best ways to spend your time. It was based on the same idea that we used.

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