Le design scandinave

Scandinavian design is constantly evolving, that’s how it should be. Some recent trends fit very well into the traditional Scandinavian design – such as the use of distressed leather, canvas, or Scandinavian poster – these are all stylistic choices taken from a Nordic context and merged with other styles such as home decor Japanese and bohemian style. 

Le design scandinave

Other designs involve breaking into new territory with bold colors, modern revivals of old classics like Scandinavian paintings with more intense color combinations than those traditionally seen in Scandinavia! A Scandinavian-style decoration in the bedroom A sheepskin as a bedside rug is the key accessory to create a space as desired. 

The goal now is to give character and a special atmosphere to your room! You can find ideas on including textiles that should be included if you want to feel that the colors are not too bright. Scandinavian decorative style in the living room is ideal for the living room, the Scandinavian style will create a welcoming and family atmosphere. 

Easy to implement, it is mainly characterized by a high-quality designer sofa with easily accessible cushions while providing comforts such as pillows and carpets. Here’s everything you need to know to embrace this look throughout your home.

Source is décoration murale scandinave from the company Tableau Scandinave