Mavic 3 update from DJI

In our review of the DJI Mavic 3, we discovered that the drone was almost certainly rushed to market in November, but a major firmware update has filled in all of the remaining feature gaps.

Mavic 3 update from DJI

Among the new features included in the latest Mavic 3 firmware (v01.00.0500) are QuickShots, which are DJI’s automated flight modes, QuickTransfer, which allows direct Wi-Fi connection between the drone and a smartphone, and D-Log color assistance.

Together, they won’t make the Mavic 3 any better, but they are the final missing pieces in a feature-set that the Mavic 3 should have had when it went on sale. FocusTrack, MasterShots, and Timelapse were all included in the previous update, which was released as a surprise in December.

The DJI Fly App v1.5.8 is now available for download from the DJI website for iOS and Android users. In order to take advantage of the new features, you’ll need to download and install the new aircraft firmware.

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