Smartphone for the elderly, is it really necessary?


Smartphones for the elderly have been a hotly debated topic for a while now. My mother, a 78-year-old smart lady, has always had trouble with new technology and it took us a while to convince her of the importance of a smartphone for seniors like her. But now that she has one, she loves it. Do seniors really need a smartphone? Yes, a simple elderly smartphone can be very useful. Especially since it helps them, for example, to stay in touch with their grandchildren by video chatting, to control smart devices, to use GPS to navigate and to track health through apps. A smartphone for the elderly offers various features that improve the quality of life. But for all these great features that can come in handy, a senior doesn’t really need a super deluxe phone. A simple smartphone for seniors will also suffice. Moreover, a simple smartphone for seniors meets all their needs.

Smartphone for the elderly, is it really necessary


Nowadays, we use our smartphones for almost everything, but when choosing a smartphone for seniors, it is helpful to determine the primary purpose. Moreover, figuring out what the senior will use the phone for can help you choose a good model. We have already listed the most common uses of a smartphone for seniors. And these are also important reasons why a cell phone is indispensable for a senior. – Making phone calls in emergencies. – Sending WhatsApp messages to friends and family. – Video calls with family and friends. – Viewing the date and time. – Controlling smart devices, such as smart thermostat, lights and smart lock. – Using GPS for navigation while driving or for walking routes. – Viewing weather forecasts. – Monitoring health through health apps. – Managing social media accounts. – Accessing the internet.


The use of smartphones has spread considerably and it seems like everyone has one. Even among the elderly. In 2015, 48.5% of people aged 65 to 75 owned a smartphone. Four years later, this percentage has grown to 85.7%. Even among seniors aged 75 or older, smartphone ownership has increased from 13.7% to 51.9%, CBS figures show. In addition, the number of seniors who are active on social media has also increased enormously. Internet calling and WhatsApp use among seniors has also increased dramatically in this period.


There are a lot of features of cell phones that are specially designed to adapt to the special needs of seniors. These simple smartphone for seniors make operating the device many times easier. By the way, do not confuse the convenient smartphone for seniors with a senior cell phone.

Difference smartphone for seniors and senior cell phone

What is the difference between a smartphone for seniors and a senior cell phone? A senior cell phone is characterized by a clear screen with large physical buttons. You can use this device to call and text with loved ones, but the device does not have access to the Internet. The screen itself is often small. The simple smartphone for the elderly, on the other hand, has a large clear screen with large app icons. You can access the internet with it and the text size is also adjustable. There are several applications on it (which you can also download), such as WhatsApp, Social Media apps and health apps. There are no physical keys present, only through the touchscreen. The senior friendly features of a simple smartphone for seniors include: – Simple menus – Full keyboard – Internet access – Larger icons, buttons and screen – Higher volume options – Voice typing and voice control features – Magnifying glass – Alerts, alarm notifications and timers – Emergency button – GPS location – Health and fitness apps.


In addition to making phone calls, texting, taking videos and photos, smartphones have handy practical applications. We’ve compiled a Top 5 benefits for using smartphones for seniors.

1. Controlling smart devices.

If your senior lives alone, he or she may find it useful to install smart devices in and around the house. You control these smart devices with the app on the smart phone. This allows a senior to easily turn the lights on and off, control the thermostat, turn on the radio, and open and close the smart lock.

2. Smartphones provide many opportunities for entertainment

Smartphones can be a great tool against boredom in seniors living alone. This is thanks to games, audiobooks, podcasts, and social media being readily available on their phones. Seniors who are visually impaired also benefit greatly from audiobooks and podcasts. Finally, seniors can use social media to connect (and stay connected) with family and old friends through various apps, such as Facebook or Instagram.

3. Sharing photos and video calling.

Seniors who use smartphones also tend to feel more connected to the outside world. This is because with their smartphone for seniors, they can easily take photos and videos that they then share with their loved ones. Video calling is also a great benefit, reducing the physical distance.

4. Practical Apps Available

Smartphones not only provide seniors with hours of entertainment, but they also make life easier and more efficient. Moreover, there are practical apps available that support seniors to, for example, take their medications on time or alert them when severe weather is approaching. These apps definitely help seniors to live more confidently and independently.
5. Voice recognition commands.

Most smartphones today are also equipped with a virtual assistant that responds to voice commands. Voice recognition is a useful feature that helps seniors type messages and navigate on their own new smartphone for seniors.


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Source: Smartphone voor ouderen, by Senifone.