The use of an electric towel dryer is required

Warm and dry towels are provided by an electric towel drier.

Having dry and warm towels in the bathroom should look forward to. On the other hand, an electric towel dryer is essential in this space. The electric towel dryer is a thin heat panel that uses infrared radiation to dry your towels. This infrared heating ensures that you always have a warm and dry towel available at all times of the day. That’s not all, either. In addition, the towel dryer helps to maintain a healthy environment in the bathroom. We’ll go over the advantages of using an electric towel dryer with you.

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What is a heated towel drier, and how does it work?

The bathroom is delightfully warm, but you also have the luxury of dry and warm towels available. A towel drier with warmth from infrared heating is a stunning focal point when it comes to the bathroom. As a result, your towel will not smell musty after you have used it because it will have dried in a short period after you have used it.

The Dual-Zone infrared panel with three functions is what we are referring to when we talk about a towel drier with heating. It has several purposes, the first of which is to heat the bathroom, the second is to dry and warm your towels, and the third is to serve as a towel rail.

What is the operation of an infrared towel dryer?

A towel dryer with infrared technology is divided into two zones. The upper section has a powerful infrared heater that helps heat the room. This part can achieve temperatures of up to 120 degrees Celsius in this condition. The other component of the heat panel is an energy-efficient towel dryer, which can reach temperatures of up to 70 degrees Celsius when necessary.

There is something for everyone, from a flat white heat panel to a colorful or black heater. There are two different finishes available for the electric towel drier. The matte finish is the more traditional option. Alternatively, you might have an infrared panel printed with a photo or image of your choice. There are a plethora of possibilities.

It adds a unique and exciting touch to your bathroom. In addition, the infrared glass panels are available in all of the RAL colors. As a result, the range of applications for infrared heating is exceptionally vast. Inquire with our infrared heating experts for recommendations on which system is appropriate for your bathroom.

Safe electric bathroom heating

The importance of safety in a damp room cannot be overstated. Our electric bathroom heating zone 2 is equipped with an IP44 class, which allows it to heat the bathroom comfortably and efficiently. This means that they are safe to use in the bathroom because they are splashproof and have no sharp edges.

Furthermore, our infrared heating panels are equipped with overheating switches to prevent overheating. If the heat panel becomes very hot, it automatically shuts off. Extra precautions should be taken. The ESG safety glass used to construct an infrared glass heater is exceptionally toughened, making it extremely safe to operate.

Furthermore, the edges of the electric bathroom heater are finished in a rounded style, which prevents them from becoming sharp. In addition, our infrared heaters are certified with essential safety certifications, such as the German TÜV approval, the VDE, the RoHS certification, and the CE marking.

Infrared heating is a simple system to install.

The process of installing infrared heating is also straightforward. It is just necessary to have an electrical connection to complete this task. The electric bathroom heater can be fixed on the ceiling or the wall using the four screws included with the unit. Because the rays are directed downwards, you will also benefit from a toasty floor when the lamp is put on the roof.

Of course, you’ll need an electric towel drier with an infrared panel that you’ll put on the wall. When installing an infrared heater, the only thing you need to consider is keeping the heater at a safe distance of 60 cm from the nearest water supply. The optimal location is direct across from the shower or outside the fence. Right after you get out of the shower, you wrap yourself in a warm and dry towel to keep yourself warm and dry.

Because the infrared rays also heat the outer wall, you will no longer have to worry about mold growing in your home’s walls. Drywalls also help to guarantee that the insulation is more effective. Briefly said, IR panels have all of the advantages.

– Installation is simple.
– Always use towels that are dry and warm.
– A feeling of well-being.
– There are no maintenance costs, and the product is entirely safe to use.
– It is cost-effective to use.
– A 2 cm thick infrared panel with a slim design.
– Saving on floor space
– Available in a variety of sizes and power capacities.
– Towel for the bathroom radiator with a design.

Are you looking to purchase an electric towel dryer?

Do you want to reap the benefits of maximum wellness in your bathroom? Then you can purchase an electric towel dryer from the Infrared heating online store. For example, a mirror with a heater or a heater in the ceiling. With an electric towel dryer or other infrared panels for the bathroom, you may wake up to a warm and healthy bathroom every morning.

In contrast to a central heating system, infrared heating does not heat the air around you. It heats the objects in the bathroom, allowing you to have a more comfortable experience every time. It dries out the walls, preventing mold from growing. It is the cost-effective electric heating that is really necessary for your home.

Consult with us about the possibility of giving your bathroom infrared heat that is relaxing, healthful, and long-lasting. We can gladly provide you with infrared heating recommendations. More information about heating your home efficiently with infrared can be found in our infrared heating blogs. For example, the 10 suggestions for heating with infrared are energy efficient. Can’t wait any longer? Purchase our heating panels from our online web store, or visit one of the more than 30 Infrared Heating showrooms nationwide.

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